If you are currently enrolled at the University of St Andrews, your first or native language is English, and your command of German is at least on an A2/B1 (CEFR) level, you can register for the eTandem programme below. Please note that eTandem partnerships can be set up only in the combinations English/German and French/German. 

How can I participate in the eTandem programme?

1. First, please fill out the registration form on your computer, save it and send it to Do you have problems filling out the pdf form? You can find a number of common issues and solutions in our FAQ.

NB: Registration form data are processed automatically. If you complete the registration form by hand, your data must be entered manually. This may lead to delays in your eTandem placement.

2. In addition, please attach a document (.pdf) showing your language abilities at the minimum required level (A2/B1) or above. If you need to prove your language level, please contact the local DAAD lecturers.

3. Subsequently, you will be entered in the eTandem data base and matched with a suitable eTandem partner as soon as possible.

4. Finally, you will receive the e-mail address of your assigned eTandem partner to establish the first contact.

Enjoy your eTandem!

For all information relevant for a good start, as well as ideas and tips for the successful development of your eTandem partnership, see Resources.

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